Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering

Our Aircraft are maintained to the highest industry standards.

Formula Aviation is an industry leader in aircraft maintenance. With over 100 years of combined experience, our engineering staff have extensive knowledge of our aircraft and industry standards. All our qualified engineering staff are Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Our in-house capabilities enable us to maintain all Class A and Class B aircraft under 5700kg and Class A above 5700kg Learjet 35 series jets.

Formula Aviation operates a fully integrated computerised maintenance program enabling us to accurately track aircraft maintenance records. Our aircraft are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s requirements. We work closely with the aircraft manufacturers and are kept up to date with all the latest service information.


Maintenance Services

Aircraft maintenance is completed by Licenced engineers
Highly trained, certified & experienced specialists
Engine and component overhaul
Propeller dynamic balancing
Engine vibration spectrum testing and analysis
Borescope / Videoscope monitoring and inspections
PT6 Turbine hot section inspections
From light piston twins to turbines and jets
Dedicated in-house service.

Professional, flexible and scalable air charter solutions

Formula Aviation provides air charter solutions across Australia. Safety, Reliability and Flexibility are our main priorities. Established in 2001, Formula Aviation offers you the trust & confidence that comes with over 17 years’ operating experience and an impeccable reputation within the aviation industry.

Our Service Quality and Safety Standards are Second to none. We're the most preferred Air Charter Company in Perth, WA.