Aircraft Fleet

Since 2001 when we purchased our first Beechcraft Baron, Formula Aviation has owned over 35 aircraft. As the industry requirements changed so did Formula Aviation.

We shifted from owning a fleet of piston twins to purchasing our first Beechcraft King Air 200 Turbo Prop in 2006. By 2014 we had a fleet of 13 King Air’s and the largest fleet in Australia. We have several King Air’s with cargo doors, these can take a standard 1200 x 1200 pallet of freight.

With the demand to purchase our own jet we looked at the best fit for our aero medical operation. The Learjet was the obvious choice as the aircraft is used by many fixed wing air ambulances worldwide.

Our Learjet is fitted with an extra wide cabin door, which allows for easy loading and unloading of stretchers and humidicribs.

Learjet 35A

The Learjet 35A is a small-sized business aircraft normally configured for six to seven passengers. The Learjet 35A is known above all for its speed and range. Our Learjet is fitted with long range fuel tanks and can fly over 4500 Klms nonstop. This allows us to fly to any destination in Australia without fuel stops.


Aircrew 2 Pilots
Number of Passengers 6
Range up to 4500 klms
Maximum Altitude FL 41,000Ft 12500m
Cabin Pressurized & Air-conditioned
Baggage Capacity Medium
Cruising Speed 451 knots (840 km/hr)
Engine Type Twin Jet
Performance Excellent

King Air 200

The King Air has been the most successful aircraft in its class and is still in production today. The aircraft offers performance and executive comfort as well as short, remote airstrip capability. This and its excellent reliability and safety record is why it’s been our main aircraft of choice.


Aircrew 1-2 Pilots
Number of Passengers Up to 11
Range up to 1,480 nm (2,740 km)
Maximum Altitude 25,000 Ft
Cabin Pressurized & Air-conditioned
Baggage Capacity Medium
Cruising Speed 250 knots (480 km/hr)
Engine Type Twin Turbo Prop
Performance Excellent

Our Aircraft

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